COPC 24-002
Carefully read all correspondence and attachments regarding this class, as instructions may change. Item underlined in
blue font are hyperlinks and should be reviewed by all students.  

Welcome Letter from the SMTB Commander
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SMTB Course Requirements
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Review the "SMTB Student Guide" for information about Directions To Camp Robinson's Main Gate, Contact Information, Mailing Address/Arrival/Reporting and Departure Procedures, Spouses/Guest, Messages, Medical Care, Billeting/Housekeeping, Dining Facility, Fitness Center, Weapons, Emergency, Financial Matters, Judge Advocacy General (JAG), Rental Cars, Privately Owned Vehicles (POV), Identification, Safety, Classroom Conduct, Fraternization, Required Items, Leave/Pass Policy, PEC Campus Map, and "Packing List" on page 15.

Failure to follow instructions may delay your in-processing and may result in non-enrollment. 

This course provides newly assigned or selected for assignment Recruiting and Retention Company leadership with the knowledge, skills, and techniques to perform successfully. Personnel assigned to the RRB leadership team are not authorized to attend this course.

Target Audience
ARNG Recruiting and Retention Company Commander, XO, 1SG, or NCOIC/RRSC.

 Course Length is Two Weeks
Suitability Screening is Required

ARNG enlisted and officer personnel currently assigned or selected to perform company leadership duties. ARNG Officers in the rank of 1LT through MAJ must be assigned or designated as the Recruiting and Retention Company Commander or Executive Officer (XO). ARNG enlisted Soldiers in the position of MSG/1SG must be assigned or selected for assignment as Recruiting and Retention Company First Sergeant or area NCOIC/RRSC, have been awarded MOS 79T and the Expert Recruiting and Retention Badge.
No waiver or ETP authorized.
Soldiers are required to upload the following prerequisite documents in "
SMTB SharePoint" NLT 10 Business days from the course start date.
Soldiers who fail to meet this requirement will be non-enrolled from the course: 

Document Naming Convention
AGR Orders LastnameFM_AGROrders
HRR 600-1 (Version SEP 2022) / Memorandum LastnameFM_HRR600-1
79T MOS Orders (Enlisted Only) LastnameFM_79TOrders
Expert Badge Orders (Enlisted Only) LastnameFM_ExpertBadge
TRADOC Form 350-18-2-R-E LastnameFM_TF350-18-2-R-E

Administrative Documents
Soldiers are required to upload the following administrative documents in "
SMTB SharePoint" within 72hrs after the course start date.
Soldiers who fail to meet this requirement will be disenrolled from the course: 

Document Naming Convention
Personal Data Sheet LastnameFM_PersonalDataSheet
DD 1610 LastnameFM_DD1610

Recruiter Workstation (RWS)

All RRB personnel attending SMTB courses will utilize their State issued Recruiter Workstation (RWS).  
   RRB personnel attending SMTB course must have an appropriate RSID and a functional and compliant RWS. The State RWS will be utilized both in the classroom and for homework assignments. Failure to have an RWS on hand will result in the student not being allowed to attend the course. 
  In the event a computer becomes non-compliant or requires maintenance while at SMTB, our IT Section will temporarily issue a student RWS. Our IT staff will reach out to the State Automation NCO and will assist with repairs or remediation as needed. 

Application Access Requirements

Army 365 (A365) Account with access to MS Teams, Army Recruiting Information Support System (ARISS) User Account with access to Recruiter Zone, School Zone and Bi-Zone and State Level DPRO access. DPRO access may be granted by completing DA Form 2875 and submitting to your State RRB Automation NCO.

Additional Items
1. Battalion and/or Company Strength Maintenance Plan.
2. Yearly Training Plan.

 Recruiter Workstation (RWS)

Sunday, September 15th, 2024:  Report to Independence Hall for room assignment and in-processing. 

Monday, September 16th, 2024 @ 0600hrs: Report for height and weight screening in winter APFU (l/s shirt, shorts, pants and jacket) with CAC to SGT Young Hall Rm 103.

The registration desk in Independence Hall does not establish reporting times or locations.
If you have any questions, please email the SMTB OPS mailbox: