Welcome to the Strength Maintenance Training Battalion (SMTB) located at the Professional Education Center (PEC) in North Little Rock, Arkansas. The SMTB trains the Army National Guard Recruiting and Retention Force encompassing recruiting, retention and attrition management. In addition to qualification training, the Strength Maintenance Training Battalion is the only active duty NCO academy in the Army National Guard.





To train and educate the Army National Guard's strength maintenance force and prepare Soldiers and Civilians to lead in the complex strength maintenance operational environment. To produce competent, adaptable, and accountable strength maintenance professionals who are disciplined, dedicated, and distinguished themselves as Leaders of Character while recruiting, retaining, and managing the attrition of the Nation's most precious resource ~ Soldiers.


          To be the Army National Guard's premier, accredited training institute by producing competent, 
          professional Leaders, woven into the fabric of our communities who are prepared to serve as force   
          multipliers for the 54 States and Territories through effective execution of the three tenets of the
         Strength Maintenance Philosophy ~ Recruiting, Retention, and Attrition Management.




MAJ Melake T. Whyte, II
Commander, SMTB


SGM Thomas K. Ferrara
Chief Instructor, SMTB