PPOM 18-001 New Implementation Guidance for the ARNG Enlisted Promotion System

PPOM 18-002 (HRH) Army Multiple Screening Requirements for Army National Guard Active Guard Reserve (AGR) Program Soldiers

PPOM 18-003 – Army National Guard Commissioned Officer and Warrant Officer Effective Date and Date of Rank (DOR)

PPOM 18-004 ARNG Members Performing Title 10 U.S.C. § 12301(d) ADOS-RC Duty

PPOM 18-005 (HRP) Extension of Army National Guard (ARNG) Soldiers on Active Duty to Complete Integrated Disability Evaluation System (IDES)

PPOM 18-006 (CSG) Management and Execution of the Army National Guard (ARNG) Continuing Medical Education (CME) Program

PPOM 18-007 Spring 2018 MILPO Orientation Course

PPOM 18-008 Title 10 (T10) ARNG AGR Officer Career Management and Designations

PPOM 18-009 Title 10 (T10) ARNG AGR Warrant Officer Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) Career Field Management and Designations

PPOM 18-010 Submission Procedures for Title 32 Awards in Recognition for Service Achievement and Retirement

PPOM 18-011 Spring 2018 HQDA (ARNG) Command Sergeant Major (CSM) Selection Board Results

PPOM 18-012 Army National Guard (ARNG) Guidance for Post-Deployment Mobilization Respite Absence (PDMRA) Entitlements Due to Government Error

PPOM 18-013 Mandatory Removal Date (MRD) Extension Request Review Procedures for ARNG Chaplains

PPOM 18-014 Updated Strength Maintenance Standards Program (SMSP) Implementation Policy

PPOM 18-015 Drug Testing and Prevention Education for Army National Guard (ARNG) Recruit Sustainment Program (RSP) Soldiers

PPOM 18-016 Fall 2018 MILPO Orientation Course

PPOM 18-017 Fall 2018 Headquarters, Department of the Army (HQDA), Army National Guard (ARNG) Command Sergeant Major (CSM) Selection Board

PPOM 18-018 Implementation Guidance for Army National Guard Active Guard Active Guard Reserve (AGR) Soldiers on One Time Occasional Tours 

PPOM 18-019 Clarification of Physical Requirements (Chapter Two Standards versus Chapter Three Standards) for Warrant Officer Appointment and R

PPOM 18-020 Title 10 Army National Guard Active Guard Reserve Life Cycle Management (LCM) Strategy and Plan (corrected)

PPOM 18-021 Clarifying Guidance Regarding Removal of the Managed Grade Restriction for Chief Warrant Officer Five (CW5) Active Guard Reserve%

PPOM 18-022 Administration of the Army National Guard (ARNG) Unit Risk Inventory (URI) and Reintegration Unit Risk Inventory (R-URI) Surveys

PPOM 18-023 (HRH) Modifications to the Recruiting and Retention Battalions

PPOM 18-024 (HRH) Authroization to Promote Excess 79T

PPOM 18-025 Full Time Manning Guidance for Fiscal Year 2019 (FY19)

PPOM 18-026 (HRH) Army National Guard Implementing Guidance for Exception to Policy (SGT-MSG) Select, Train, Educate, Promote (STEP)

PPOM 18-027 Enlisted Qualitative Retention Board (QRB) Implementation Guidance for Calendar Year 2019 (CY19)

PPOM 18-030 (HRH) Extension of FY17_18 Army National Guard Accession Options Criteria (AOC)

PPOM 18-031 (HRH) Fall 2018 HQDA ARNG CSM Selection Board Results

PPOM 18-032 Calendar Year 2019 (CY 19) ARNG Officer AGR REFRAD-ASMB Announcement Memorandum

PPOM 18-033 Calendar Year 2019 (CY 19) ARNG Enlisted AGR ASMB Announcement Memorandum

PPOM 18-034 Spring 2019 HQDA, ARNG CSM Selection Board Announcement PPOM 18-035 2018 General Douglas Mac Arthur Leadership Award Program (GDMLA)

PPOM 18-036 Indispensability Pay Procedures

PPOM 18-037 (Attachment) AOC 17A Application Check List

PPOM 18-037 (Attachment) Cyber Branch Questionnaire

PPOM 18-037 ARNG Cyber Branch 17A Transfer Program Memo FY19 (G1 signed) (002)

PPOM 18-038 Standard Installation Division Personnel System Army National Guard (SIDPERS-ARNG) Access Control Policy

PPOM 18-039 (Attachment) MilPay Personnel Actions Completeness Log -SIDPERS-

PPOM 18-039 Standard Installation Division Personnel System Army National Guard (SIDPERS-ARNG) Audit Completeness Log Policy

PPOM 18-040 System Authorization Access Request with Favorable BI Required to Access Personnel Systems in the National Guard (ARNG) Human R

PPOM 18-041 (HRH) Refine Implementing Guidance for Promotion (pin-on) to SGM under STEP

PPOM 18-042 BAH

PPOM 18-044 MOS 17C Cyber Ops Spec Reclass Procedures

Welcome to the Strength Maintenance Training Center. The SMTC trains the Army National Guard Recruiting and Retention Force encompassing recruiting, retention and attrition management. In addition to qualification training, the Strength Maintenance Training Center is the only active duty NCO academy in the Army National Guard.