SMOM 14-041 (ROB) – Acceptable forms of SSN Identification for enlistment

SMOM 14-039 (ROB) – NDAA 14 and TAPAS Adaptability Score (AD) Change 3

SMOM 14-038 (HQ) – Procedures for Requesting an Exception to Policy for Tattoos

SMOM 14-036 (ACB) – SMOM 14-XXX, Accession Procedures for ARNG Applicants with Visible Tattoos_Brands

SMOM 14-034 (ACB) – Use of DA Form 71 (Oath of Office) and DD Form 368 (Conditional Release) when accepting Officer and Warrant Officer Appointments in the

SMOM 14-032 (MOB) – Guard Store Items now available on Strength Maintenance Management System (SMMS)

SMOM 14-030 (ROB) – Required Query of the National Sex Offender Public Website (NSOPW).

SMOM 14-029 (ROB) – Personnel Security Investigation Center of Excellence (PSI-CoE)

SMOM 14-027 (ROB) – Change In The Delivery Process For MEPS Fingerprints.

SMOM 14-026 (MOB) – Freedom Salute Campaign

SMOM 14-023 (AMB) – Recruit Sustainment Program (RSP) Social Media Training

SMOM 14-021 (MOB) – 2014 IndyCar Mobile Recruiting Display and Fan Village Display

SMOM 14-020 (MOB) – 2014 NASCAR Mobile Recruiting Display and InteractiveTrack Display

SMOM 14-019 (MOB) – Race 2 Achieve STEM High School Entry Vehicle

SMOM 14-017 (ROB) – ARNG-GSS FY14 RRB Visit Plan and MEPS ARNG LNO SAV Schedule

SMOM 14-015 (MOB) – 2014 NASCAR Mobile Recruiting Display and Interactive Track Display

SMOM 14-013 (ROB) – Revision of Enlistment Policy on Education Credentials

SMOM 14-012 (ROB) – ARNG Recruiting and Retention Battalion Organization Inspection Plan (OIP)

SMOM 14-010 (ROB) – SUBJECT_ FY 14 MEPS Guidance Counselor and IETRM Training Workshop’s

SMOM 14-009 (ROB) – Department of Defense Transition to Electronic Fingerprint Capture and Submissions

SMOM 14-008 (ASB) – High Definition Noncommissioned Officer in Charge (HD-NCOIC) February 2014 Workshop

SMOM 14-007 (ROB) – AUVS Migration from the RCMS Platform

SMOM 14-005 (ROB) – FY14 AUVSv2 Regional Level Training

SMOM 14-004 (ROB) – Use of the Physical Health Assessment for the Purpose of Enlistment

SMOM 14-001 (AMB) – RSP Self-Assessment Submission

Welcome to the Strength Maintenance Training Center. The SMTC trains the Army National Guard Recruiting and Retention Force encompassing recruiting, retention and attrition management. In addition to qualification training, the Strength Maintenance Training Center is the only active duty NCO academy in the Army National Guard.