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SMOM Tracker – Last Updated 3 June 2020




SMOM 20-041 (O) – Protecting Against Inappropriate Relations during Recruiting and Entry Level Training

SMOM 20-040 (HQ) – Special Duty Assignment Pay (SDAP) for ARNG Recruiting

SMOM 20-039 (O) – Exception to Policy – Reserve Component Pay Categories and Programs

SMOM 20-038 (O) – Exceptions to Policy for I-551 Card Holders During COVID-19

SMOM 20-037 (AC) – Virtual Recruiter (VR) Pilot Program

SMOM 20-036 (O) – Guidance for Shipping During COVID-19 and Temporary Education Verification Exceptions

SMOM 20-035 (AC) – ARNG AC2RC Officer  Warrant Officer Transition Program

SMOM 20-034 (O) –  Enlistment pay grades for Non Prior Service Personnel

SMOM 20-032 (O) – Processing Waivers during COVID-19

SMOM 20-031 (AC) – Academic Year 2020-2021 Cadet Command Minuteman Scholarship Program

SMOM 20-029 (AC) – Migrate Production Recruiters to Retention NCOs

SMOM 20-025 (HQ) – Special Forces (SF) for Non Prior Service

SMOM 20-024 (M) – ARNG Marketing and Advertising Course (805B-F34)

SMOM 20-023 (HQ) – FY2020 VAM and VURB Process 

SMOM 20-021 (HQ) – Special Duty Assignment Pay (SDAP) for ARNG Recruiting

SMOM 20-020 (S) – Allocation of Wireless Portable Electronic Devices

SMOM 20-018 (I) – Suspension of RSN Account Access

SMOM 20-017 (AC) – LOA Portal for Scheduling BOLC for ROTC Cadets

SMOM 20-016 (S) – Centralized Lifecycle Management of Recruiting and Retention Devices

SMOM 20-014 (AC) – 17 A Cyber Branch Application Process for ROTC Cadets and OCS Candidates

SMOM 20-013 (AR) – Retention Accreditation Program Staff Assistance Visit

SMOM 20-011 (R) – Exception to Policy for Edibles Fiscal Year 2020 (FY20)

SMOM 20-008 (I) – Recruiting and Training Cadre Suitability Screening

SMOM 20-005 (HQ) Fiscal Year 2019 Non-Tactical Vehicle (NTV) Authorization

SMOM 20-003 (AC) – Exception to Policy to Hire Officers/Warrant Officers for RRB

SMOM 20-002 (O) – Eligibility and Processing of CAT IV-A and FLRI

SMOM 20-001 (AR) – RSP Performance Metrics FY20 Update


SMOM 19-032 (O) – Implementation of MOS 35M and 35W as language dependent specialties

SMOM 19-029 (O) – Implementation of Assessment of Recruit Motivation and Strength Pilot Program 2.0 (ARMS 2.0)

SMOM 19-028 (O) – Depth Perception MCST for MOS 12Y, 25V, and 35G

SMOM 19-027 (HQ) – FY20 Recruiting and Retention Force State Visits

SMOM 19-022 (I) – FY20 Recruiting Standards Branch (RSB) Staff Assistance Visit (SAV) Schedule

SMOM 19-013 (T) – SMTC Non-Career Recruiter Course Prerequisites

** Additional Guidance to SMOM 19-013 – SQI4 and 79T PULHES Clarification

**Additional Guidance to SMOM 19-012 and 19-013 – Suitability and SMTC Courses

SMOM 19-012 (T) Strength Maintenance Training Center (SMTC) Prerequisites

SMOM 19-010 (O) NPS Split Training Option (STO) Eligible MOSs and Renegotiation into OSUT MOSs

SMOM 19-009 (HQ) – Screening of Army National Guard Recruiting and Training Cadre


SMOM 18-075 (O) Change 1 ARNG Waiver Processing Guidance for Army Directive 2018-12 New Policy Regarding Waivers for Appointment and Enlistment Applicants

SMOM 18-072 (HQ) – Army National Guard Recruitment Marketing Process

SMOM 18-053 (HQ) – Recruiter Sales Training Contracting Policy

SMOM 18-051 (O) – Flight Physicals for 15Q and 15W.

SMOM 18-038 (HQ) – Implementation of New RSP Self-Assessment and Inspection Checklist

SMOM 18-031 (AC) – Accessions Records Management and Processing

SMOM 18-024 (AC) – Administrative Processing of Early Commissioning Program Lieutenants

SMOM 18-017 (AC) – Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE) Request Process For Warrant Officer Accessions

SMOM 18-013 (O) – USMEPCOM Transgender Processing Guidance


SMOM 17-059 (AC) – Initial credentialing for AMEDD Officers

SMOM 17-032 (AC) – Cyber Operations Specialists Career opportunities

SMOM 17-023 (O) – Direct Ship (DS) Implementation

Welcome to the Strength Maintenance Training Center. The SMTC trains the Army National Guard Recruiting and Retention Force encompassing recruiting, retention and attrition management. In addition to qualification training, the Strength Maintenance Training Center is the only active duty NCO academy in the Army National Guard.