805B-F24 ARNG Unit Retention NCO Course

805B-F24 ARNG Unit Retention NCO Course
Scope: This course is designed to provide ARNG traditional (M-Day) Soldiers with the knowledge, skills, and techniques necessary to assist unit commanders, 1SGs, and first line leaders with strength maintenance plans and activities. Upon completion of this course, Soldiers will be able to provide support to their assigned units in the areas of retention, attrition management, and career counseling to enlisted Soldiers. Training will include the following: Determining Extension/Immediate Reenlistment Eligibility; Determining Eligibility for Selected Reserve Incentive Program (SRIP); Analyzing a Unit Retention Environment; Conducting Career Planning; Conducting Face-to-Face Interviews; Preparing and Conducting a Briefing; and Preparing an Extension Packet. Soldiers will also be able to assist with implementing and monitoring sponsorship programs.
Prerequisites: Soldier must be enlisted E-5/SGT or above. Soldier must be assigned as a Unit Retention NCO (URNCO) prior to attending the course. Once enrolled in ATRRS, Soldiers will receive a welcome letter at least 30 days prior to the course start date with instructions for completing distance learning training and instructions for gaining access to required applications. Students must also obtain access to the Director’s Personnel Readiness Overview (DPRO) https://arngg1.ngb.army.mil/Portal/Default.aspx and the Retention Management System training portal at https://smms.army.pentagon.mil/RMSTraining/ database before attending this course. Note: Course attendance is mandatory within 6-months of assignment. ARNG Soldiers assigned as additional duty Unit Retention NCO may attend this course. DPRO access is required for all Soldiers attending the URNCO Course.
Purpose: To provide selected ARNG enlisted personnel with the specialized skills and knowledge required to perform the duties of an ARNG Unit Retention NCO. This course trains and prepares Soldiers in the ARNG to assist ARNG Commands by providing continuous retention and attrition management focus within each ARNG unit. Soldiers assigned to the additional duty of an ARNG Unit Retention NCO will work directly with 79T Recruiting and Retention NCOs in support of the ARNG strength maintenance mission.
Target audience: ARNG Soldiers assigned as additional duty Unit Career Counselors.
Length: 2 weeks
POC: https://guardu.ellc.learn.army.mil/

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Welcome to the Strength Maintenance Training Center. The SMTC trains the Army National Guard Recruiting and Retention Force encompassing recruiting, retention and attrition management. In addition to qualification training, the Strength Maintenance Training Center is the only active duty NCO academy in the Army National Guard.