805B-ASIV7 ARNG MEPS Guidance Counselor

805B-ASIV7 ARNG MEPS Guidance Counselor
Scope: This course is required for the award of the additional skill identifier (ASI) V7. The course provides newly assigned ARNG MEPS Guidance Counselors with the knowledge, skills and techniques to perform successfully as ARNG MEPS Guidance Counselor. The resident portion of the instruction, conducted at the Strength Maintenance Training Center, includes all tasks and enabling skills required to process ARNG applicants for enlistment through the MEPS and preparing Soldier for shipment to training.
Prerequisites: Soldiers attending the MEPS Guidance Counselor Course must complete a minimum of 10 working days of training at MEPS prior to attendance of the course. The training must focus on using the US MEPS Integrated Reservation System (MIRS), Guidance Counselor Resource Center (GCRC), Recruit Quota System, and quality control of enlistment packets. The Senior Guidance Counselor will maintain a MEPS Pre-Execution Checklist detailing duties performed throughout the training period (Enclosure 2). Soldiers must provide the MEPS Pre-Execution Checklist and a signed memorandum by the RRC. This memorandum will serve as proof of the mandatory training required prior to arrival at the SMTC. Waivers are not authorized for this mandatory training requirement.

Note: Course attendance is mandatory within 6 months of assignment.
Purpose: To provide newly assigned ARNG MEPS Guidance Counselors with the knowledge, skills and techniques to perform as an ARNG MEPS Guidance Counselor.
Target audience: Enlisted Soldiers in the rank of Staff Sergeant through Master Sergeant and DA Civilians (GS-6 through GS-12) who are selected to fill a TDA position of ARNG MEPS Guidance Counselor are eligible to attend this course. DA Civilians must have proof of either prior PMOS 79T or SQI4 qualification. ARNG Soldiers must have completed the 79T Conversion Course and be awarded the MOS 79T.
Length: 2 weeks
POC: https://guardu.ellc.learn.army.mil/

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