The Welcome Letter on the SMTC milSuite

Course Welcome Letters and Supporting Documents on the SMTC milSuite

A student that is enrolled in an SMTC course in the Army Trainng Requirements and Resources System (ATTRS), will receive a welcome letter through email approximately 30 days prior to the start date for a course. Your email address comes from the ATTRS system, so make sure that your email in ATTRS is your most up to date email to eliminate any delay in correspondence from SMTC.  The SMTC has several courses, groups, and programs that are conducted on site and through Mobile Training Teams (MTTs) throughout a year. When you get your email, make note of your class name and course number before going into the SMTC milSuite page.  For example:  SQI4 19-004, 79T SLC 19-006, URN 19-301, etc…  Go to the SMTC milSuite Page, find your course number, and click on the link.

Once you are in your course on milSuite, before going to the welcome letter, mark that you will be attending the event.  By marking that you will attend, first, SMTC knows that you have received your information and are moving forward in preparing to attend your course.  Second, if you click on any name in the list, you are able to connect with peers and can email questions etc.   In the right hand column of the page, you will notice the word “Follow” in blue.  If you click on that you will begin following the page which will add it to your list of groups.  However, if you also check “inbox” when it pops up, you will receive an email anytime that there is an update to the course information in the SMTC milSuite group.

Once those steps are complete, click “Here” in the description that says ‘click here for welcome letter’.  All the information needed for attending your course is addressed in the welcome letter.  This goes without saying, but you need to read all of the welcome letter.  It is tempting to start clicking on links to areas where you have questions or interest, but our recommendation is to read the whole letter, and then systematically work through each attachment so you know where it is when you need it throughout your preparation period.

For example, you will likely need to refer back to the information for your packing list.  Also, if you are having issues with only getting one question on your quizzes in Black Board, you will want to refer to the Internet Explorer help listed in the welcome letter.  The welcome letter is full of guidance and publications that will aid and support you as you prepare for your course.

Finally,  you are not able to register for closed courses, however, if you go to the list under courses, you will see a list of information, publications, and courses that fall under your specific course.  If you do go into an old course, you can view the list of Soldiers who attended the course.  If you look for the name of someone from your state, you can email them and get assistance in preparing for attending your course.

We look forward to seeing you at SMTC.  Safe travels.