Email Updates from milSuite

Receive Email Updates from milSuite

You have the option to receive email updates from any and all milSuite groups that you follow. If you know that you will be a student in an SMTC course, and you have SMTC milSuite email updates, you will be notified the minute that your welcome letter is added to The SMTC milSuite page. The welcome letter guides you through the process of registering for Black Board and Share Point and provides valuable information about your course. The course documentation that accompanies each of our courses is available on milSuite at any time by clicking on the course you will be attending and navigating to the “Documents” tab at the top of the page. These documents include instructions, checklist, packing list, The SMTC Student Guide, general information, and information on the Professional Education Center (PEC) here in Little Rock.

Would you like to know when the ARNG-HRR Strength Maintenance Doctrine and Publication Cell adds a new publication? Once again, with just a couple clicks, you will be notified by email the instant that an addition or change has been made within the Doctrine and Publication Cell group on milSuite.

Three Easy Steps

It only takes three easy steps to begin email notification in a milSuite group:

Step One: Search and find the milSuite group that you would like to follow.
Step two: Click on the “Follow” Button at the top right-hand side of the page.
Step Three: Put a “check mark” in the box before following if you want to follow the group. In order to get messages about updates, you ALSO need to put a “check mark” in the box before the word inbox.

That is all you need to do! You will now get messages in your mailbox anytime that there is an update in that group. If you decide that you no longer want emails, just uncheck the box in front of “inbox” and you will still be following the milSuite group, but you will no longer get the email updates.

Now you will be “in the know” before everyone else. You will get the information first!