Featured milSuite Monday Group: The Recruiting Operations Branch

The ARNG-HRR Recruiting Operations Branch Group on milSuite

Why should a recruiter follow the Recruiting Operations Branch Group?

Each state, recruiting center, and recruiter comes across circumstances in their daily interactions that do not align with policy exactly as it is written.  This leads to questions and interpretations that may or may not get answered or interpreted exactly as it was intended.  However, the daily crunch and need for quick answers causes a dilemma when deciding whether you should just go for it and hope you are correct or waiting for a response.  The Recruiting Operations Branch (ROB) can answer your questions through the discussion area of their milSuite Group:

The Recruiting Operations Branch also monitors emails, social media, calls, conversations, and the overall pulse of the force when a new policy is published to see what questions recruiters have or areas of the policy that may need clarified.  They take this information and make small changes that do not meet the requirements of a full rewrite, and post information that answer reoccurring questions that are coming from the field.  The following are examples of information posted in the ROB group the past week:

1. Applicants who apply for enlistment into an MOS that requires a driver’s license must meet certain requirements or may be returned to their State.

2. When requesting a DD Form 368 for Navy applicants, the POC has been updated to 1-800-535-2699.

3. NGB Form 900 (High School Verification) does not require a school seal. The MRD is calculated by the MEPS GC.
a. The MRD calculator is available here

4. Use of the Split Training Option for CIHSJR LPR applicants is currently suspended as of 14 March 2019.

5. NGB Form may be used for all conduct waivers in lieu of NGB Form 22-3.
a. NGB and HRR Forms are available here

6. SMOM 19-015 has been published, related to IET Training Seat Management. SMOM 18-052 has been rescinded.

Do not miss a single update.  The Recruiting Operations Branch milSuite group’s Overview page will send you notifications each time a change is added if you follow them and check inbox, you will receive an email with each update.

Visit the Recruiting Operations Branch document page.

Visit the Recruiting Operations Branch discussion page to read the responses to questions or to participate in an open discussion.

Email Updates from milSuite

Receive Email Updates from milSuite

You have the option to receive email updates from any and all milSuite groups that you follow. If you know that you will be a student in an SMTC course, and you have SMTC milSuite email updates, you will be notified the minute that your welcome letter is added to The SMTC milSuite page. The welcome letter guides you through the process of registering for Black Board and Share Point and provides valuable information about your course. The course documentation that accompanies each of our courses is available on milSuite at any time by clicking on the course you will be attending and navigating to the “Documents” tab at the top of the page. These documents include instructions, checklist, packing list, The SMTC Student Guide, general information, and information on the Professional Education Center (PEC) here in Little Rock.

Would you like to know when the ARNG-HRR Strength Maintenance Doctrine and Publication Cell adds a new publication? Once again, with just a couple clicks, you will be notified by email the instant that an addition or change has been made within the Doctrine and Publication Cell group on milSuite.

Three Easy Steps

It only takes three easy steps to begin email notification in a milSuite group:

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